Accommodating translate

You can edit your appointment type names and descriptions to be in two languages (i.e."Native Icelandic Speaking | Hablar Nativo Islandés") and change the wording on your scheduler to reflect both languages using the Change Scheduling Wording tool.From there, you’ll be directed to an editor where you can click wording on the page and change what it says.

za has established herself as one of the most reliable and efficient Translation service provider in Europe and South Africa.

Our clients, spread across South Africa and beyond love us for the high quality services we provide.

You can select this here (and you can always change it back to hidden if you don’t want it shown after you’re done with your edits).

In the above example, you can use to make your appointment types set up in multiple languages.

After submitting the form, a representative of ours will instantly send you a quote.

Another option is to reach us via phone –whichever option works for you is okay with us.

-Certain variables that depend on the appointment type a client chooses aren’t able to be translated.-Keep in mind that some words, like “on” or “at” can’t be translated within dynamic content.-If you send text message reminders to clients, the "You will receive a text message reminder before your appointment" text cannot be translated You can also edit the page where clients can purchase Packages, Gift Certificates, and Subscriptions!

First, be sure that the link to that page is visible on your general Client’s Scheduling Page.

Please email Juliane Ried ([email protected]), Translations Co-ordinator, with any queries. Cochrane's overall strategic plan includes several objectives and targets that are directly or indirectly linked to the Translation Strategy.

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