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For example, China's education system is focused on rote learning and written English, so there is little opportunity for students to practice their spoken English.For the majority of Chinese who have learnt English in Chinese schools, their ability to read and write exceeds their speaking ability.

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When actively recruiting people from culturally diverse communities, take the time to explain what volunteering, is and the benefits you can receive from volunteering.

You can also omit the word volunteering when advertising for volunteer opportunities.

Working with volunteers from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds can add value to your organisation, create an inclusive environment, strengthen positive relationships with the local community, bring new perspectives and encourage people from different backgrounds to use your services.

However, organisations need to be mindful that involving people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds in volunteer programs is a long process, especially if you want the volunteer program to be sustainable.

While conducting training, it is important to make the training relevant and practical.

Ask staff to share their experiences and invite community leaders from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds to share their stories and perspective. There is a link to a list of accredited translators in the Tools and resources section of this page.Before actively recruiting volunteers from diverse backgrounds, work out how many volunteers your organisation can support, and whether you have enough experienced volunteers to guide the new volunteers.Generally it is more effective to start with a few volunteers.In some countries, volunteers have been used to convert people to different religious faiths and, in other cases, the word volunteering can have military associations.Another common idea is that if you don't pay for a service, it must be of a poor quality.This section provides more in-depth information and tips for working with people from diverse cultures.

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