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The camshaft’s connected to the legbone, no wait, the camshafts are controlled by two silent timing chains.

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The rear timing chain is driven by a monoblock gear on the left end of the crank. Valve inspection intervals are 24,000 kilometers – 14,913 miles.

Semi-dry sump oiling: “consists of four pumps: one delivery lobe pump and three recovery pumps…

of them: Panigale V4, Panigale V4S and V4S Speciale – the latter two with electronic Öhlins suspension featuring a new Smart EC 2.0 system, plus forged aluminum wheels, lithium ion batteries, and other assorted exotica. The Desmosedici Stradale engine is a 90-degree V4 with desmodromic timing, of course.

If that’s not rich enough, the Panigale V4 Speciale is a numbered, limited-edition bike with dedicated livery, titanium exhaust and CNC-machined from billet components. Its 81mm bore (the maximum allowed by Moto GP rules) is combined with a longer 53.5mm stroke than the Moto GP bike, netting a total displacement of 1103cc, not to mention a bit more torque.

“The oil tank – which also acts as a filter housing – is in a magnesium sump mounted underneath the crankcase and connected to the gearbox but separate from the crankcase.

A dedicated radiator, attached just below the water radiator, cools the oil.” Cooling system: The water pump sits in the V of the engine, which minimizes circuit size, boosts efficiency and keeps weight down.Each throttle body has one sub-butterfly injector for low-load use, and another shower-type injector above it that comes online as required.Given the high revs attained by the V4 and the large valves, sayeth Ducati, a traditional spring system would be inadequate because the valves would be unable to follow the steep cam profiles.On the rear bank, the chain drives the exhaust cam, which transmits drive to the intake.The front chain is driven off the right side of the engine, turned by the crankshaft via a gear on the primary drive pinion.That optimizes weight distribution, leaves room for larger radiators, and brings the swingarm pivot as far forward as possible.

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