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You could ring the police to get advice and then tell the woman what they say.She just banged the phone off after all that blah blah...

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He urged people to make sure they have safe sex to stop the spread of sexually transmitted infections and HIV.“There are an estimated 7200 people in Edinburgh living with a sexually transmitted disease and, out of that, 1020 of those people are estimated to be living with HIV,” he said.“A number of years ago the way to do it would be going to a club or bar.

People still do that but they are also using what they can for convenience like websites and digital apps.“If you’re going to do it then please be safe.

The 30-second clip shows two boys attacking each other (left and right) outside a school in Aberdeenshire, just 25 miles away from where schoolboy Bailey Gwynne was stabbed to death in October last year It later emerged that the killer - who cannot be named for legal reasons - had made Google searches for 'illegal knives UK'.

He was given a nine-year custodial sentence for stabbing the teenager to death.

and clearly she is lying as i checked everything before giving, should anything would have been wrong i would have mentioned in my add If the tube only is punctured(which was clearly not when i sold) - she can order one on ebay etc for a few pounds?

i havent taken a warranty to fix if anything goes wrong?Good luck, don't let her bully you, she's trying it on. its a respectable neighbourhood do not refund is what id say.xx Again had a chat with DH and all he says is if she turns up give hr the refund rather then being nasty... I have had buggy sold to me and she showed me it in working order and when I got it home I realised that it was broken and I couldnt do anything about it.and clearly about the raincover/hood thing i am sure she is lying as it was not how i sold.Now when i asked her to buy a new tube rather then travelling all the way... The item was sold without a garuantee or warranty yes?she even didnt give me any time to ask her of her contact number?

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