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She's back with a new name and look, even another family. How long will it be until everyone finds out her real secret? Teddy, the bubbly teen of the Duncan family, passes away in a fatal car accident. "It hurts," Tony said as he faced the nothingness before him. Right now, he didn't know how long it would be until that came back." The aftermath of a case leaves Gibbs wondering if Tony Di Nozzo has a limit.Eight years later, 12 year old Charlie receives a present...a pink video camera. Robin got back to New York after years of traveling the world. theme from dasl's infinite theme list challenge used. will muffy be a good friend and pick something else? Team friendship, Gibbs/Tony friendship, heavy on the Tony angst.She gets terrible treatment from her family at home, and all she wants to do is show her dancing to the world.

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Rated T for themes of depression and mentions of self-harm, please don't read if you are easily upset by these subjects. (Set during Season 2)Joey moved away from NY in 2005 to pursue an acting career but 10 years later, he is back and finds out how different things are now.

We have all heard of the Rugrats Theory, but, we have never heard what happened to Angelica after she took that fatal dose. Everybody are leading their own lives..will they remember him? C&M of course, RR, and P&M."So here they are, the legendary married duo, spending what could be their last moments together in a hospital with bad lighting and gross food while they await for Barney's incredibly risky surgery to arrive." /\ Swarkles.

Lucas Friar: a good old country boy who has a crush on none other than Riley Matthews. Anthony is all of these things and so, so much more. Will she be able to rely on the support of her family, and most importantly, will she be able to rely on Steve? Marshall, Barney, and Ted continue their tradition of watching the original 3 Star Wars movies from where we left off in 2015. Since 24 is divisible by 3 and the tradition started in 2000, there will be scenes in 2024 (Tracy's year of death). Major father/son, no slash.11 years after the April 9th Fire at Lakewood Elementary, Arthur and a few of his friends gather to talk about what happened on April 9th.

But if all of that really is true, why is he so broken on the inside? Tony/Gibbs Son/Father A fractured arm leads Tony to prevail on Gibbs' hospitality at Christmas. Will Tony be able to pull him out of his funk on this, the first Christmas since Jackson's passing? This will probably hold some ooc for Tony given the whole suicidal thing but I will try to keep Gibbs as close to true as possible. Kate Read always knew she'd be the last of the Read children living at home, but she never expected to be the last because of a family tragedy. Pre-2024 scenes will be canon to what happened in the series. Two year old Gabe needs glasses and he's worried that the eye doctor will hurt. Note though that the age they are is not completely accurate, I only gave them that age because this happened in 2003 and the characters were still eight years old as they are.

Unable to truly accept her death, Angelica's spirit stays in limbo, witnessing her loved ones learn about her death. pm her for details.buster comes back to the garden. When Sue Ellen's parents say they have an announcement, Sue Ellen never expects them to say they're having another kid.

But, when a distant relative speaks at her funeral, can it help her move on? Claire struggles to adapt to the changes in her life. Sue Ellen gets advice from her classmates about how to handle the new addition, and she eagerly awaits being a new big sister.

Everything that has happened is wrong, and nothing is the way it should have been written for them. This is the story of one such hit and how it effects everyone around them.

Tony and Ziva were not meant to be separated from each other. A oneshot in the perspective of Tim Mc Gee, set in the aftermath of Past, Present, Future. A short one-shot about a certain team member who is struggling to see a way out of the darkness. This is a rewrite for my previous work of fiction, "Russian Roulette." During a team training exercise the team realize not everything is clouds, puppies and rainbows for their senior field agent.

On one side of the video camera, it says: To Charlie, Love, Teddy. The team work a case of a Marine who had abused his child. The truth comes out, and there's only one person who can help him through it. But what she finds there is not what she expects, when a horrible accident leave her to take a job she never thought she would get, taking care of a is alone in mr. he picks up some chalk and makes some art, graffiti-style art. pm her for details.muffy and francine go shoe shopping. When I looked up after taking my second big gulp, my mom exclaimed in a cheery voice," Junie b. " I didn't really know what reaction I needed to put on my face because I wasn't sure if the "surprise" was good or bad.

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