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Thanks I went to read this and of course the advert underneath was 'new way to check PPI'me laugh.its difficult to understand why this has taken so long.Not sure what tech Voda have, but this is basically applying real-time cloud-based AV tech to voice comm's.

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Why should we pay for a service to prevent illegal behaviour?

The UK seems to suffer from poor regulation and implementation.

So two great disincentives, the first financially hitting the operator's pockets, the second psychologically hitting the employees.

Next we only need to link the answering machine to Siri/Cortana/Alexia/Now and we can play ELIZA chat!

The factor of the crooks concentrating their efforts on the other networks will see to that.

be nice guys and give/license your technology to other mobile operators.Fines obviously aren't high enough and the regulator doesn't seem to hound the telcos hard enough to clamp down on this kind of thing.In Germany the telco providing access to the POTS can be sanctioned (including being banned) if it does not clamp down on abuse; fines have been significantly increased.Result: I have had no nuisance calls at all in the last five years on the landline and I can't remember ever getting them on my mobile (number unchanged for 15 years).Luckily I don't get many on my BT mobile, but the BT landline gets hammered with nuisance callers despite being registered with TPS.Like someone else I got fed up of leaving off my dinner etc to pick up the phone only for it to be a recorded sales message about PPI, home improvements, my computer has got a virus etc so I've set the answering machine to automatically answer all calls on two rings saying "Hello, all calls are screened for nuisance callers.

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