4gb usb 2 0 hi speed dating

High-speed versions of each were utilized to mimic what high-end photographers would be likely to have, along with more normal-speed cards to show what the average consumer might have access to.

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Anyone who has used a digital camera or smart phone has probably seen flash memory cards: small, removable devices on which a variety of data can be stored (depending on the device using it).

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What about the performance of USB 2.0 vs 3.0, though?

To check that out, we ran a series of tests across two types of memory cards: Compact Flash (CF) and Secure Digital (SD).

Those results line up with the first download test.

The conclusion from these results is that to really reap the benefits of USB 3.0 in a card reader you need to be using fast memory cards... Further, as flash memory technology continues to advance it should only get better!

If you have a wide range of cards in different devices that definitely gives the former readers and advantage, but when it comes to high-performance memory cards they are almost exclusively found in the two formats supported by the Lexar reader.

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