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But who among us is more innocent or vulnerable than our pets? Most of us consider our pet a member of the family.

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These include some of the country’s largest metropolitan areas such as Tampa, Chicago, and New York City.

Meanwhile, similar laws are worming their way through councils and legislatures in cities and counties across the country.

Police officers have interviewed faculty members and said the alleged incidents were thought to have taken place off campus, involving two 17-year-old students and one 16-year-old.

In a statement Rocky Mount Preparatory, which accepts students between the ages of three and 18, said staff had been “fully cooperative” with police in its handling of the matter.

Such a website may be good for shelters and breeders who want to vet customers and for pet owners, to check out their sitter.

Another important aspect, in several jurisdictions people buying or adopting pets have to sign an affidavit saying they aren’t animal abusers.

Their director of legislative affairs, Chris Green, told the that on the federal level, "There is no existing mechanism to prevent someone convicted of animal abuse from walking into a shelter or going on Craigslist and getting a new animal." Meanwhile, the Humane Society and the Civil Liberties Union fall on the other side of the debate, against such a registry.

They claim that many animal abusers suffer from mental illness.

Neglectful pet owners don’t often harm humans or animals in any other way.

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