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As well as recalcitrant camels, encroaching dunes, sand storms and wildly unpredictable driving conditions and drivers, the insecurity of postrevolutionary Libya demands travelers' full attention before any overland journey.The revolution saw the collapse of many commercial bus services, though these were off-limits to foreigners anyway.At 679,362 square miles, Libya is second in size only to neighboring Algeria among North African countries.

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A Palindrome Day happens when the day’s date can be read the same way backwards and forwards.

The dates are similar to word palindromes in that they are reversible.

And in commerce, Libyans are straightforward and honest to a fault.

Libyan oil production has returned to prerevolution levels of 1.6 million barrels a day.

Car rental companies such as Sixt (com) and Hertz ( are building a Libyan presence, though locations are limited and unless you're used to what might be called "ebullient" traffic, you may want to take a back seat.

Stifling Gadhafi-era group travel restrictions no longer exist, but for tourists with limited time, complicated land explorations are best made through tour operators utilizing their vehicles and drivers.Despite public conservatism, however, Libyans close to a suitable land border are no strangers to losing themselves in a foreign bar, and regular cross-border traffic means lots of illicit alcohol enters the country from Egypt and Tunisia.Unfortunately, some misguided producers add methanol to increase potency.Even those prone to chronic attacks of temple fatigue can't fail to be wowed by the grandeur of its ruins.The site is vast and well-preserved, though to date only one third has been excavated.The Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF) is a Swiss-based international organisation dedicated to assisting states – both developed and emerging democracies – in advancing good security sector governance, within a democratic framework and in respect of the rule of law.

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