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This year’s livery mixes animal pattern and 8-bit, which I love.

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There’s a term to describe the way the leaves of a plant are attached to the stem: phyllotaxy, which directly translates from the latin as “leaf order”.

This is a wild and wonderful subject, where maths figures heavily.

This is always easier to see if you look directly down on a plant from above (and you’ll also note how infrequently leaves overlap or block each others’ access to the light.)Another version has every fourth leaf aligned; but the commonest is probably the arrangement where every sixth leaf is in line with one (far) below it.

Oaks, cherries, apples, pears, and poplars show this.

”In addition to having an action-packed year planned, Block has once again reinvented his race look for the 2014 season with a graphics package that will be incorporated across a full line of signature product including apparel from Hoonigan, sunglasses from SPY and RC cars from HPI.“Every year I’m challenged with outdoing my livery from the season before,” said Block.

“Luckily, I think we were able to do it once again.

by Beth Did you see the debut of that new TV comedy last night about a father who is blind? That wasn’t meant as a joke, but the way NBC has been promoting the show, I wonder if that’s the sort of humor they’ll be using in the new comedy has very talented people like Jason Bateman (executive producer) and David Schwimmer (director) behind it, and J. I’ve run across plenty of people raised by dads who are blind, and they have interesting stories to tell. Molly has written a few novels, and she was asked about her dad during an NPR interview about her books.

It could be good, but if those commercials with the dad blindly wielding a chainsaw and driving a car are any indication, I doubt it. You know, the actress in all those John Hughes movies in the 1980s? My brother Doug is a professional jazz trombonist, and he introduced me to Molly’s dad Bob Ringwald, a talented professional jazz pianist, years ago.

She told Scott Simon that as a child she enjoyed sitting with him during movies and plays to describe the action. Thomas Gore was blind, and Vidal was 10 years old when he started reading to him.

“I actually think that that informed my writing,” she said. “I read grown-up books to him: constitutional law, the Congressional Record, American history, poetry,” Vidal said.

It will improve your illustrations because inevitably it increases your understanding of a plant, and that’s what it’s all about. I was just on a walk yesterday looking at some beech trees and I thought, no they are serrated! a call to shop for a lot of inventory can expend money.

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