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The survey asked about three different categories of romantic relationships and found: Some 64% of teens indicate that they have never been in a romantic relationship of any kind (and 1% declined to provide their relationship status).

The 35% of teens who say they are either currently involved with a romantic partner or have ever dated, hooked up with or had a romantic relationship with someone will serve as the focus of the remainder of this report.

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Dating and experience with romance are relatively common – but far from universal – among teens ages 13 to 17.

Some 35% of teens have some type of experience in a romantic relationship, a figure that includes current and former daters, as well as those in serious and less-serious relationships.

Does this mean that a couple will go to jail if they have sex under 17? But a boy can strictly speaking be prosecuted for having sex under 17.

The Gardai and the Director of Public Prosecutions use their discretion and tend to look at the overall circumstances of a relationship before deciding whether or not to prosecute.

In the eyes of the law, it is more serious for an adult to have sex with someone under the age of 15, than someone aged 15 or 16 as those under 15 are even younger and more vulnerable.

Can you buy condoms if you are under the legal age of consent (17)? Unlike the law against having sex under 17, there is no law forbidding you from buying condoms under this age.

The law does not forbid the sale of condoms to young people in order to encourage safer sex.

Can you get the pill, or other methods of contraception from a doctor, if you are under the legal age of consent (17)?

Boys and girls, and those with different racial, ethnic and economic backgrounds are equally likely to have been in such relationships.

The age of consent is the same for males and females.

Some 30% of teen daters say they have ever had sex.

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