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I have found with younger men that they want children and that part of my life is over, but again, as long as there no major issues and you're happy - go for it!

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I joined this site to get some advice on the issues of my relationship which are a 22 year age difference and a set of teenage daughters.

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To me more than 10 years is pushing it, unless you fulfill each other's psychological/sexual void.

I think you being 38, and she 29 might pose a problem when it gets to the point where you pop the question, because you might not want to start another family.

I'me older than my profile (pof mistake) I've dated 25 to 66yr old women, a bunch inbetween, my attitude is if you can get the date and have fun with each other, go for it!

But you have to remember dating and marriage are two completly different issues.

My attitude requires a lot of soul searching for a younger, older, marriage to work.

lots of variables, mental and physical, and beleive me they will pop up, just logic, and my 2cents worth.I don't see any problem if you're just dating, especially if you share similar interests.If you really really love each other you can overcome any age difference.I tend to date within 10 years..older than me that is..that are younger than me?they have to at least be 21.....obvious reasons there.As long as you both have things in common then there shouldn't be an issue.

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