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Read the review of the Moultrie M-80 BLK here and the Stealth Cam Unit Ops here.Orthema Australasia is the exclusive distributor of Orthema products in Australia and New Zealand.

This camera costs the same as the M-80 BLK, and while it lacks the black flash technology—which is certainly a good feature—I’d say it has it beat when it comes to picture quality, ease of use, and triggering distance. Overall, it’s a top-end camera at a reasonable price.

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These long range PTZ cameras can also be set to track movement via built-in motion detection algorithms, and can follow would-be trespassers all on their own.

These PTZ cameras come packed with many other industry-leading features such as an Auto Adjust IR LED, programmable tour tracks, and full 360 degree rotation capabilities.

It advertises 60 feet (as opposed to the M-80’s 50 feet), and I believe it.

I captured a few photos of more distant deer in the woods (including the buck above), and they were sharp.

Our company, Orthema Australasia, was launched in May 2009 at the Australasian Podiatry Conference and since then has earned an impressive reputation of providing these ultra-reliable, Swiss made CAD/CAM systems, with expert knowledge, on-site training and follow-up sales and assistance.

Since 2007 well over 100 Orthema system components have been sold and can be found in private practices, hospitals and sports medicine facilities in Australia and New Zealand.

My favorite feature of this camera is the 2-inch LCD viewing screen, which allows you to view your pictures quickly and easily, right there in the field, but more than that, makes managing the setup options on the camera a breeze. Like the M-80, the M-100 Mini-Cam will operate on 4 or 8 batteries.

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