10 biggest dating mistakes

“Knock your ex off the false pedestal you have him or her on – there’s a reason they are an ex,” she said.

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“Ask yourself, ‘How has going after my type worked so far?

’ If the answer is ‘not so good,’ then start thinking outside the box.” Instead: Try dating someone who simply seems like an interesting, kind, fun, successful human being, Sansone-Braff suggests.

By middle age, you may already have a full social life, a job and family demands, which means you may have to make some space for someone new.

Instead: Try to balance your life and create “we” time with your potential mate before you get too deep and blend families, says Julie Spira, CEO of Cyber Dating Expert.com, who has been coaching singles for over 20 years.

“By the time you’ve lived a half a century or more, you know it’s what’s inside that counts,” she said.

“Stop worrying if he’s cute, or how tall or short he is, or whether she has blond hair and long legs.

5: Comparison shopping Over the course of your adult life, you’ve likely fallen in love with – or at least met – someone you consider to be the cream of the crop.

But idealizing people in your past can cloud your present vision.

“It’s hard not to compare someone new with the person you might still be holding a torch for,” Spira said.

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